Professional Audio & Lighting Specialists

Professional Audio is our speciality at Audio Geometry. We design and manufacture commercial and Professional Audio Equipment for the Broadcast, Entertainment and Multimedia industries.  We’re also distributors for IOSONO 3D Sound, as well as suppliers of Theatre & Architectural Lighting.

Our Professional Audio Product Range Incorporates:

  • Electronic Crossovers, 2, 3 and 4-way Stereo-Symmetrical Technik.
  • Rackmount Mic/Line Mixer with Remote Control facilities.
  • Compressor/Limiters, Limiter Controller with external Level Sensor and Ambience Noise Controller for the installation market.
  • 100v Line Mixer-Amps and Line Amplifiers.
  • Frequency-Shifter for Feedback Reduction.
  • Stereo Power Amplifier.
  • Light Controllers and Dimmer packs.
  • Custom-designed Loudspeakers.
  • Distribution and Line-Balancing Preamps.
  • Professional Speaker Driver from 18 Sound


professional audio

Home Theatre

Professional Home Theatre, Lighting and AudioAudio Geometry offers a full suite of product and services to meet a broad spectrum of Lighting and Audio requirements. Completed projects include night clubs, bars, launches, corporate, architectural and live theatre setups.

We also design and install home theatres advising our clients of every facet required including the correct lighting. Lighting to limit distractions, yet sufficient to avoid accidents. The standard hanging or suspended home lighting can reflect on the screen for example, causing a less than pleasant viewing experience. Also, we suggest that lights should have dimming controls as well as be remote controlled for the ultimate home viewing experience.

Audio Geometry can design and supply solutions for your entire project from beginning to end.

Live Theatre

Professional Audio and LightingWe’ll also assist you to turn your stage productions into memorable successes with lighting desks, controllers and other lighting requirements that will astound your audiences and provide a whole new dimension to your stage productions.

Intelligent Lighting, Outdoor Effects, Architectural Lights

Audio Geometry offers lighting solutions for outdoor events, landscaping and architectural lighting. We design both the controlling components as well as professional audio interfaces when required.

IOSONO is a new audio technology that takes professional audio reproduction to the next level: true 3D spacial audio.

IOSONO technology supports speaker configurations up to 500 loudspeakers, and can play any existing stereo or surround audio available, increasing the effect by 50%, thus removing any sweet spots in the audience as the whole audience becomes the sweet spot.

Sounds can be made to appear anywhere within or outside of the venue to create stunningly realistic, three-dimensional soundscapes allowing a sound to move around a listeners ears or the listeners to walk around a sound point, this allows the audience to be at the heart of the action. Click here for more information.

Feel free to watch these short introduction videos introducing 3D Sound.


Wildfire Studios Iosono install for Immortals sound mix